About Us

  • Business Background

The Aim of our web service is to embark a social platform which supports every career enthusiast to raise their startup, skills and talent. In the world of excessive internet use, things have been compressed and made themselves reachable. As like many other developers who are taking this use as an advantage of serving their product, we have also tried to make our contribution in this specific area, by developing our web service named as “Feast Planner”. This service will facilitate the users to showcase their skills in the form of portfolios and will also have an advantage of getting their gigs promoted.

In Order to promote and run a business on a certain level, a person needs to have a platform first. Where they can easily interact with the modules within it. Afterwards, there should be an idea regarding to the promotions which helps them to showcase the skills and can also be beneficial for experiencing the marketing aspect. Then, there is another aspect, Data management. Managing the data of any business or work inspects the whole data organization. To make this aspect more convenient for our users, we’ve designed a corresponding managing software interconnected with the web, for the purpose to manage, review and categorization of the data.

  • Motivation

By reviewing today’s technology, many of the platforms has proposed the idea to promote entrepreneurship and work from the home methodology, which encourages every individual to exhibit their creativity and communication readily.

By following such a lead, we also have tried to originate a user-friendly environment, which conveys a beneficial solution for a multitude of problems of a multitude of users in regards to event planning and for becoming a planner.

To achieve this goal, our targeted end-users would be divided into two terms; the one, who looks for the planners in terms of event planning, and the latter, who seeks any platform to reveal their vision of creativity.

Why Choose Us?


Any Startup enthusiast may able to create their profile without any cost. This motivates every individual to start their business by giving them all the needed resources which they may access easily.

Easy Searching

By feast Planner’s User-Friendly GUI you may able to search and choose any of their specified service easily. Looking for any of their service with respect to their given filters makes retrieving more convenient and lot understandable.


Feast Planner provides searching according to given price range and selected date. By this facility User may able to get their respective service easily by following some easy steps.

Affordable Prices

User with any price range might be able to seek their desirable service easily which enhance our platform’s affordable aspect.

Develop Profile

One of the most important aspect is to design a profile which gathers all the needed information which helps you to make an effective portfolio about your business. Feast planner enables you to develop such profiles easily.


Feast Planner with their trusted associates makes sure to deliver the best they can in order to satisfy their costumers needs.

Meet our team

Creative coder and Founder

Hamza Qazi

Having a keen understanding with coding, bends everything by means of creativity and always designs the best digital experiences for his customers. 

Content co-ordinator & Co-founder

Maham Hafeez

Having some great techniques in editorial domain, Maham always knows how to target her customers with just the right and effective content.